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Environmental awareness

For the products we sell, we are sure that  do not have an environmental impact, as are adapted to the Forest Regulations of the Forest Management Council, FSC and to the Pan-European PEFC certification.

SHOWOOD chooses to distribute FSC and PEFC certified products to the Greek market. It is thus integrated into the group of those pioneering shielding companies from reckless forest destruction.


Forest Management Council (FSC)

  • The Forest Stewardship Council is an international, non-governmental organization, set up in 1993 to support the world's forests and is the most reliable body for rational forest management. Its mission is to ensure that forests are managed in a responsible and proper manner, to protect natural habitats and to respect the rights of local communities.
  • The achievement of the organisation's goal is based on the so-called FSC - Supervision Chain. It is a process of controlling the exploitation of forest products, starting from the verification of the source of a timber product within the supply chain and ending with the production of the end product in question.


European forestry certification PEFC

  • An international non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management (SFM) through independent third party certification.
  • PEFC operates throughout the forest supply chain to promote good forestry practices and to ensure that wood products and non-forest products are respected to the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.

All trees used for the manufacture of timber are replaced with new trees.

186 Karamanli Av. | 136 78 Aharnai | Athens | Greece


210 2478811


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SHOWOOD products (pressure treated or not) are available in the shade of the pine, without being further painted in different colors.
All the products that are pressure treated, have a transparent green color and are marked with the TREATED PINE icon. The products that are not pressure treated are in the shade of wood (pine).
In both cases, either by contacting or by selecting it through the product (where available), we can deliver your products colored (gray, brown, white ...)